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A game is brewing

2009-01-08 13:48:49 by graphgod

K, unsure if anyone will read this but here goes.

I am finally working on a project that Im going to see to the end this time, it's a game. the working title is Dying hope. it's kind of a zombie slaughter game but me and my programmer will be making some uniqe gameplay elements. it's a 2d game overhead view, like GTA. you will have a flashlight to look around, and a gun (among other weapons) to protect you from enemies.

the gameplay elements we are working on is that to open doors, you kick em down, instead of opening them normally. also a kind of a stealth thing, that you can also sneak past some enemies.

were also working on finding a name for it, so if anyone who reads this got a great zombie game name, leave a comment, and if I feel like the name you come up with fit, I put you in the credits;)